2018      Paintings by Jeremy Toppings, Solo Exhbition, While the Sheep do their Thing, Purple Urchin, Ottawa

2017      ARC Grad show, I Multi-Tasked My Rite Of Passage, University of Ottawa, Ottawa



University of Ottawa, Bachelors in Fine Arts, Minor in Arts Administration, 2012-2017

University of Ottawa, Faculty of Education, 2017-2019


Published work

Toppings, Peter, The Birthday Quest for New Adventures: An awesome journey of rediscovery. 

ISBN: 978-1-7752987-0-0

First Edition: July 2018


Other Work

I have been a comic book writer with a friend, Jesse Williams, for over two years now. Follow the link below to read our first comic:

Online Web comic, co-creator with Jesse Williams, Fourth Precinct, 2016

                Published on Tapas.io


We are currently working on our second comic book. It is much longer and if I do say so myself, much better! Stay tuned!



I am also a musician in a band called T-Rex Marathon. We are situated in Ottawa, Ontario. We have played many many shows since the band came together five years ago. 

We have released two EP's:

Eponymous (2016)


Aurelia (2017)


You can find more information about us on our Facebook page: