New Painting!

Super happy with this painting. I completed it a while ago but couldn’t post it due to Inktober taking most of my time.

This painting was inspired by a conversation I had with a friend, with the topic being “What is man’s greatest act of violence”.

I will say no more than that!


Latest Commission!

This is the last watercolour painting I did!

Very happy with how it turned out. 



My book got published and its out!!

Its been a hot minute since I updated my blog, but I come with great news: The book I've been illustrating is finally out and available!!

After almost 3 years and 51 illustrations, this book is ready to be viewed by the public. 

Peter Toppings, my uncle, is the writer of this wonderful book and I feel extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to work on this! Very proud of this accomplishment and hope you enjoy it!


Grinding yet again!

I'm back at working on my comic book! The last few weeks were quite busy, with my exhibition and school assignments, but I'm back at it again at full throttle. 

The first chapter (or first part) has 36 pages, and I am now done 31 of the draft pages. next step is going to be the lettering and then the inking. Inking is my favorite part so I can't wait to get at it! 

Will keep updating as things progress!


While the Sheep do their Thing

My new exhibition, While the Sheep do their Thing, is now open! If you live in the Ottawa region, it is located at the Purple Urchin, in the Glebe. 

My works will be displayed from March 28th until the 25th of April. 

You can view the paintings on my website as well. 

All paintings for sale, and prints are available too. 

Preparing for my next exhibition!

March 27th marks my first exhibition since obtaining my BFA. I have been experimenting with different topics and themes while still retaining some elements of my previous works, such as childhood and coming of age. 

This exhibition will be titled "Counting Sheep: Heard Mentality".

Here are two of the paintings:

Banana Boat.jpg

Sometimes I Tread Lightly

Recently I have been trying to get out of my comfort zone as far as painting goes. Have I been succeeding? Not really. I don't even know what my comfort zone is so honestly, I'll just keep painting. Here are a few water studies. 



Dreams and whatnot

I didn't actually dream this, but I feel like this could be taken from a dream. Alas, it's mostly inspired from the endless abyss of Pinterest and whatever I must have been reading at the time. 


Quest to Create a Comic Book by Myself Begins

My friend Jesse and I have been working on comic books together for almost three years now, and things are going better than ever. However, I have tried, and failed, many times before when it came to writing a comic book by myself. Seeing as how I've improved and learned many things since the last time, i figured I'd try again!

I will attempt to document it by way of video's, which I will post on Youtube. Maybe this will help me; I strive when expectations are high. 

Check out my first video:




Let's take a walk

This winter has been quite the snowy landscape here in Ottawa. To be fair, I feel like most of our part of the country has. This is an exaggerated (not even that much though) rendition of one of those walks.